Submitted by: Internorm Fenster GmbH.
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Energy efficient windows, "Thermal Passive" solar glazing + - already standard in passive house standard

Internorm has developed a window that sets new standards in passive house standard is. THERMAL PASSIVE with the leading position in the segment of inter-standard passive house suitable and will - certified window systems further. PASSIVE THERMAL achieved with a sensational heat insulation value has been a standard passive house standard!
Internorm has also introduced with the 3x + SOLAR-glazing a new glass standard, which has a total energy transmittance of 61%. In the special SOLAR coating + is the total energy transmission by about 20% higher than a 3-fold standard glazing. This is also the solar energy gain increases by about 20% - virtually a free additional heating through the glass!
[] An innovative design with modern glass optics
[] Maximum energy efficiency / insulation by 3-fold glazing SOLAR + standard à windows as an energy source (solar power)

Category: Earth