National Energy Globe Award Lithuania (overall winner)

Submitted by: Institute of Environmental Engineering, Kaunas University of Technology
Implemented country: Lithuania
Title: A Master of Science Program for Lithuanian Engineering Students

  What do you do when there is a severe shortage of trained specialists for environmentally-friendly production and preventative environment management within the industrial sector, government agencies and businesses? You fill this shortage by offering more training and education. This is why the Institute for Environmental Engineering has developed an appropriate academic program in this field. The Master of Science program in Environmental Management and Cleaner Production offered by the university in Kaunas provides theoretical knowledge in conjunction with hands-on experience. Core subject areas are environmental technology, clean production, environmental politics with a focus on law and economy, environmental management (waste management, sustainable water management, etc.,) and eco design (lifecycle analysis, chemical control, etc.) The program is completed after students finish writing a master’s thesis.

By offering this program the university is capturing the spirit of the times as experienced by companies whose environmental activities are becoming more and more important and who would like to make such activities part of their company’s profile. This is why the university is also taking advantage of its connections to the industrial sector as well as government agencies.

92 students have graduated from this program since 2002. But Professor Jurgis Kazimieras wants more. His biggest adversary is the lacking academic tradition of thinking in a transdisciplinary mode and trying new or different approaches. Still, the number of graduates from the program is on the rise and Jurgis Kazimieras is already working on expanding this degree program to Eastern Europe and Central Asia. His biggest goal is to provide sustainable development.

"There is no wealth but life!"

Jurgis Kazimieras

Category: Earth