Submitted by: Stephan Augustin Produktentwicklung
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Terracooler, natural flood cooling with terracotta and water

The Cooler Terra is a double-walled, bell-shaped Tonhaube, which is filled with water and can reduce the evaporative cooling of the outer skin, the temperature inside by 25 to 40 percent C). The shelf life of stored foods such as is so extended, at the same time they are protected from light, dirt and animals. Thus, the Terra Cooler can be disseminated as widely and favorably, Stephan Augustin has waived patents, and made ​​the concept of donationware as the Internet in general. The fabrication technique is inexpensive and potter around the world have the necessary practical skills. The Terra Cooler can be manufactured and sold in local production.

Category: Fire