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Submitted by: HS Pischelsdorf
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Driving with Sun´s Help

A project work of students of the elective subject "Chemical - physical exercises," the 4th Secondary school classes Pischelsdorf the school year 2008/2009.
The East Styrian hill country is a very nice place to live world, spoiled by the climate and blessed according to the nature of many services. Apart from a few residential areas are still closed, there are many scattered settlements and individual properties, which attracts a relatively heavy traffic to itself.
Environmentally friendly and gentle-mobility is a major concern to obtain the values ​​of life.
For this reason and also because a lot of energy in the region, alternative techniques are being developed and umgestetzt, we have dealt mainly with the subject.
Electric bikes or pedelecs would be an alternative in order to navigate the hilly landscape of everyday life without too much effort. The trip to a nearby workplace, would go shopping in the shops of the region or to visit friends in a more environmentally friendly and cost can also be done with electric bikes, and short, steep climbs were no problem.
And when the current to or from the sun using photovoltaic technology is, it's almost perfect.
With all this in mind, we began planning the project and are looking to partner.

Category: Youth