National Energy Globe Award Malta (overall winner)

Submitted by: Gozo Enterprises Ltd. Malta
Implemented country: Malta
Title: Mobile Hydropower Provides 24 Hours of Power a Day

Joe Spiteri-Sargent would like to make hydropower available to the entire world and so he decided to invent a site-independent hydropower plant. The Spiteri Water Pump, short: SWP, is too big to be a portable pump, but it can be set up anywhere. It works around the clock and doesn’t need any fossil fuels at all. By creating an artificial waterfall it generates cheap electricity. The water is recycled and any impacts on the environment are reduced. The SWP has a lifecycle of 20 years and can store up to 225kW. At a cost of € 2,930 euros it will pay off its initial cost by more than four-fold.
But how did the Maltesian engineer come up with his idea in the first place? Producing energy with conventional methods comes with high costs, and Malta is an island with few resources. The production of energy places a huge burden on the local economy, so Spiteri decided to look for alternative energy sources and began to experiment with them.

The patentend Spiteri water pump works under water, uses gravity, is eco-friendly and is looking for investors. That is how the dream of this father of four would become reality: Leaving the world a better place than he found it.

"Let yourself think about everything. Think about everything as it is and not as it is talked about."


Category: Water