Submitted by: NMS / HS Völkermarkt
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Energy Saving Detectives

Six students from the NMS / HS Völkermarkt were trained to energy and detectives took over responsibility for saving energy at our school. Her main responsibilities included the proper ventilation, controlling the heating, the temperature, lighting, waste separation, the unnecessary water consumption and power consumption of individual electrical appliances. The Energy Detectives thus made a major contribution to environmental protection and energy. In this way, they learned how to use energy sustainably and makes sense.
Under the direction of our energy saving professionals were all students / inside of the 3rd Classes in this interdisciplinary project involved. Working in groups, a number of topics (energy saving tips, greenhouse effect, tips on waste reduction, waste separation and recycling ...) have been addressed and shown on many posters, photo collages and paintings. The results were in the 1st Floor of building 1 issued. The viewer should be aware of the issues of climate protection and energy conservation and to develop energy-saving champion.
Under the expert guidance of renowned artist Albert Mesner designed some of the pupils 3c class on environmental protection artistic images.

Category: Youth