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Submitted by: Institut für Umweltmedizin IFU
Implemented country: Germany
Title: IFU - Environment - Resort

The project covers the following areas: hotel - Academy - Therapy Center
First Environment hotel with ecological features (new emission-free or low-materials and furnishings, which are suitable for chemically sensitive people with allergies and consistently and made from renewable resources). Furthermore, the connection between high-tech renewable energy and ecology using. Außerrdem is great value placed on biological and gastronomy, it will not use any plastic or disposable products.
Second Environment Academy is an international training center for therapists for Applied Nutrition and Environmental Medicine (Functional Medicine / USA) with focus on "increase of Parkinson's Alzheimer's, MS and other neurodegenerative diseases caused by environmental factors" and "environmentally medical treatments for diseases of aging." It will offer seminars and lectures for lay people and patients as well as seminar and lecture activities for environmental management.
Third Environmental medicine includes the diagnosis, therapy, recreation, nutrition, and physical therapy and manager seminars.

Category: Fire