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Submitted by: INTREST OG
Implemented country: Austria
Title: 20/2012 - Sustainable emissions reduction in road freight

The cooperation project "20/2012 - Sustainable emissions reduction in road freight transport", realized by John Wögerer GmbH and INTREST floor, shows get as transport companies 20% of transport emissions, while improving the economic efficiency and what measures are necessary. With the first holistic Transportemissionsberechung all transport routes, which by the mass data processing suitable INTREST Transport Emission Quantification Tool (ITEQ) is possible, the vulnerabilities (eg, driving with high CO2 content) can be identified specifically and derived benefit-generating measures and controls.
The claim of "Leuchturmprojektes 20/2012" is to convince other companies that the reduction of transport emissions and improving efficiency are also possible.

Category: Air