Submitted by: A++ Energieoptimierung
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Refurbishment of a terraced house to passive house standard

The row house built in 1950 offers a gross floor area of ​​144m ². In addition, under the two-stage restructuring plan created a living room extension of 14 square meters.
In the first step, the existing oil-fired central heating for a piece of wood biomass-fired central heating and sanitary hot water, including a buffer memory and a solar heating system was replaced. Thus, the consumption was substituted. Here too, power can be saved, so that has been achieved through these measures an overall reduction in CO2 emissions.
The building envelope was restored thermally. The process of the concrete core activation is an integral part of the technology concept. In addition, the windows in the BKA with a 3-fold use of solar glazing for additional income were performed.
During the second stage of redevelopment also a comfort ventilation system was installed. The recovery of the ventilation heat losses, energy consumption was further reduced, ensuring that the terraced Passive House standard reached. Also, the comfort was significantly improved by the proper hygienic air change.

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