National Energy Globe Award Austria (Earth)

Submitted by: Kraus Energie Konzept
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Passive House Renovation vs. Sörg

Carinthia is characterized by a decentralized school system in rural areas. These schools dating mainly between 1950 and 1980. Exemplary of the 150 primary schools in rural areas, the VS Sörg, community love rock, in the passive house standard and sustainable resources carefully modernized, creating a model for the region has a multiplier effect. The exemplary character of school buildings is on the one hand to use in the rural community confidence in the passive house standard build and equip other local firms with additional know-how. The result was a reduction in heating requirements by FACTOR 20 of about 200 kWh / m² a to 10 kWh / m² a
achieved. Follow-up projects are already being realized.

Category: Earth