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Submitted by: JUFA Gästehäuser
Implemented country: Austria
Title: JUFA Campus Futura

The Futura is Europe's first campus JUFA guesthouse, built completely as a passive house and devoted to the theme of "future-oriented building and life" is. The unique combination of JUFA guesthouse and edutainment-energy park and training center for renewable energy sources makes the campus Futura tourist to a future project.
With its innovative design experience - the edutainment Energy Park Indoor & Outdoor, with over 30 interactive stations - makes the Campus Futura tangible and various forms of energy both for amateurs and for professionals in all forms understandable. Those who wish can explore the campus Futura in a playful way the various effects of energy.
Its innovative design saves the campus Futura over traditional projects of this size in total about 80% of an energy.

Category: Earth