Submitted by: Hefel Wohnbau AG
Implemented country: Austria
Title: PASSIVE HOUSE LIVING ³ - Facility management in the private housing

PASSIVE HOUSE LIVING ³ represents a clear consumer benefit: each year will be saved in the Passive House residential complex "Sandgasse Lauterach" about 50% of total operating costs. Extrapolated to 10 years in the propose for the future occupants of about € 20.000, - to direct savings to book. A measure that is achieved in comparison to reference projects and based on a 3-room apartment. Transported the project with an exclusive "cost guarantee" is: This is "beneficial energy and operating cost savings incentive" designed and addressed to the future residents. Supported by the warranty and consumer-related consumer-independent criteria and by the institutionalization of a professional "in the private residential facility management" is. Completion and occupancy of the new Passive House residential facility housing Hefel: Summer 2010.

Category: Earth