Submitted by: Saran Renewable Energy Pvt. Limited.
Implemented country: India
Title: Utilise wastelands to solve energy crisis

SRE works in rural areas, where the majority of India’s poor live, and in two sectors that are critical for rural livelihoods: Rural development (improved agriculture, wastelands management) and Energy access. Our model is community oriented which delivers sustainable social and economic benefits to the rural poor, enabling them to increase their income, have access to energy and improve their quality of life. SRE is currently working in Saran district of Bihar where it has helped utilized more than 100 acres of wastelands and has set up its first biomass gasification power project at Garkha, Saran district, Bihar affecting the lives of more than 10,000 people. SRE won the 2009 Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy for the work it has done. ( We have devised innovative methods to solve the two major problems of excess water and energy crisis and will replicate the success to a 100 locations and thus improve the lives of more than 250,000 people. It is an integrated approach wherein we are using techniques (bio-drainage, surface drainage) to manage excess water to increase agricultural output and utilise waterlogged wastelands. Energy plantations are done during periods of excess water and using the biomass grown to run biomass gasification based power plant (renewable energy). Electricity generated is used for the following thereby replacing polluting and expensive fossil fuels: a. Irrigation b. Lighting for houses and shops c. To run micro enterprises

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