Submitted by: FIN - Future is Now Kuster Energielösungen GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Generation contract ecologically sustainable

Bacher Herbert, a graduate of Argentina EBA-training energy advisors, analyzed in the course of this program is the multi-family residential house of his family and his parents. In this intensive study was not only clear that this house is to clean up little energy, but also the health of his parents deteriorated watching. The remarkable in several respects solution was found in the generation project. To spare the aged parents a change and the loss of the social environment, was acquired in the immediate vicinity of a property and for the family a house and a bungalow for his parents, both in low energy buildings and facilities for disabled people, established.
The environmental business of the houses is a 20 square meter solar collector, which guarantees a high efficiency in the heating season. A micro-power pellets in conjunction with a total of 75 cubic meters of concrete core activation can expect an extremely low energy consumption.
The increase of the solar value allows the dispersal of the solar gain in the thermal mass of the bottom plate. The process of the concrete core activation is an integral part of the technology concept.

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