Submitted by: Rezekne University Faculty of Engeneering
Implemented country: Latvia
Title: Effectiveness of thermal energy consumption

At present situation there is a very high heat energy loses by hot flue gas. That contents also lot of harmful admixtures. Innovation are new hybrid technology, were heat producing equipment are combined by special patented cooling systems and heat pumps. That solution extremely decreases temperature of flue gas and return heat to heating systems. That give very high effectiveness, low fuel consumption, condense harmful admixtures, what possible neutralize by reagents. Most high efficiency are by using biomass fuel, because that content very much moisture. New technology condensate steam and return heat energy to heating system. Good solution for co generation to produce electricity and heat. Ventilation and sanitation cooling to return heat energy. That solution can save 3/4 of biomass, what product oxygen and are one of most important climate control mechanism on Earth. Woods are bio accumulator of CO2 and water, can decrease global ocean level.

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