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Submitted by: Passiv-Erdhaus GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Passive earth house

A passive house is no more expensive than conventional buildings, essential to build simple and without any technical emergency heating was until now considered virtually impossible. But now a world of new house type has been developed as a result of a mixture of passive houses and Erdhauskonzept.
Specifically, it was realized from the summer of 2006 a pilot project with 3 small chain stores in Gunzburg. The show house 'South East' was purchased in late February 2007 and is currently being validated successfully. The heating energy consumption is in fact only about 11 kWh / m² a (less than 100 liters of heating oil per house). The Last House on the pattern of settlement (house 'North West') is to be built in 2010.

Category: Earth