Submitted by: International Center for Environmental Research
Implemented country: Georgia
Title: WB/ARET/CGS 03-70

In 2003 International Center for Environmental Research Jointly with its cluster partners JSC Biochimfarm" strated to implement WB Georgian Agriculture Development Program’s
Project - CGS 03-70 "Demonstration and application of achievement of environmentaly friendly and efficient technology on the use of treatment-preventive veterinary biopreparation of bacteriophages against antibiotic resistant salmonela infections in poultry"
The purpose of our project was to demonstrate environmentally friendly, and efficient, veterinary,
preventive- treating technology against antibiotic resistant microbes for its further practical use.
The  instruction for the use of the technology -Interstibacteriophage preparation in poultry was approved by  Georgian Veterinary University scientific Council and Georgian State Vetrinary Department.

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