World Energy Globe Award (Fire)
National Energy Globe Award Russian Federation (overall winner)

Submitted by: Far Eastern State Technical University
Implemented country: Russian Federation
Title: Solar houses design for 40-50 degrees latitude North

The main advantage of “Solar-5 EcoHouse” declared by the competitor on competition as an innovation in the field of sustainable building and design technology – the power effective architectural form of a building protected by the patent of the Russian Federation on invention RU 2342507. In usual winter weather conditions (-15°C and N-NW wind of 5-10 m/s) the power effective architectural form of a building provides the contribution of passive solar system to heating of the house to 57 % from necessary level (the settlement data), replacing not renewed sources of heat. Experimental design and graphics search allow defining preferable passive solar heating architectural form for temporary-monsoon climate, as it was verified by mathematic modeling by IPMT FEB RAS. Based on patenting form other types of passive solar buildings proposed: 45% passive solar heating eco-tourists Solar-5M “EcoModule”; and latest Solar-S “EcoDacha” as simplify variant

Category: Fire