Submitted by: Ing. Kleebinder Ges.m.b.H.
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Solar thermal insulation

The engineer Kleebinder GmbH developed a solar thermal system that is currently in the testing phase. An existing house (BJ 1970) with 150m ² living space and a heating 430KWh / m² a is to be brought with the help of special solar insulation to passive house standard (heating demand of 15KWh / m² a). For this purpose, the insulated outer wall of the house with a new patented insulation and solar heating with 16m ² hybrid collectors. Attic, basement or erdanliegende components are commonly isolated. The cooling in the summer can be done by night ventilation. Water heating is carried out in summer in hybrid collectors, in winter, solar domestic hot water pre-heated. In this pilot project will be obtained by measurement and simulation of key inputs for production, design and distribution of the system.

Category: Fire