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National Energy Globe Award Egypt (overall winner)

Submitted by: Czech Oceanographic Society
Implemented country: Egypt

Floating waste water treatment plants are solving a problem of cleaning communal and industrial waste water pollution in coastal localities. It is a new patented idea to place the waste water cleaning systems on floating platform, anchored a suitable distance from the city or village it serves. Connection between existing sewerage system and the FWWTP is provided by an underwater pipeline. Most of the built-up areas surrounding for instance the Mediterranean Sea are situated in very specific conditions where the coastal patterns and historical urbanization always limit the available space for land based sewage treating facilities. Existing canalization is usually based on normal gravity float and the sewage discharges directly into the adjacent bay. Since it is unlikely to find adequate building sites on the tourist promenade, costly diversions of sewerage systems are essential to bring the waste where it belongs, out of the site, back up the hill or where ever the possibility to construct a sewage treatment plant would be. Such diversions could in complicated historical estate complex cost more then sewage treatment plant itself.

Category: Water