National Energy Globe Award Lithuania (overall winner)

Submitted by: DIMaGB Projekte, Konzepte, Beratung
Implemented country: Lithuania
Title: Saul Gojus: Retrofitting a kindergarten in Vilnius

The kindergarten "Saules Gojus" (Sun Park) is located on the outskirts of Vilnius. With 500m ², the house up to 45 children space. In the first phase of redevelopment 2004 core insulation made of cellulose flakes in the air gap of the outer walls were blown. In the second phase was a painting inside and out with the thermo-ceramic membrane technology to improve the heat shield thermal protection. As a result of the heating costs were reduced and the Auskühlzeiten be extended - with improved thermal comfort and reduced mold risk and problem areas. In addition to long-lasting weather protection, the dried coating protects against the wall heat radiation in winter and heat in summer.

Category: Fire