Submitted by: DIMaGB Projekte, Konzepte, Beratung
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Energy efficiency of buildings in Berlin

For the detached house in the Berlin district of Zehlendorf was the end of 2007, a comprehensive analysis by the DIMaGB energy consultancy. An in-depth energy analysis (EVA) was the basis for the project report with recommendations. Healthy living, proper building was always the focus in the design, plus the cost of the measures.
In April / May 2008, a project design was done by the DIMaGB planning. As a result, were tender were-in the form of specifications with building description in words and pictures. The very unique and detailed style semi-detached house built in 1963 was a challenge for the planners, but also for the offer calculation.
In the first section of a basement ceiling insulation made with Styrofoam plates and an inner coating with Thermo-Shield, the IR-reflecting micro-silicate paint to improve the indoor climate. In the living room a skirting heating system was installed.

Category: Fire