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Submitted by: Solar Chill Project
Implemented country: Canada
Title: SolarChill Project

Maintaining the security of the vaccine cold chain, the preservation of certain medicines, and the preservation and chilling of food and beverages is a major challenge in regions of the world without electricity or without reliable electrical power. The SolarChill Project aims to deliver to those regions, solar powered, led storage battery-free, environmentally friendly, and as much as possible, affordable vaccine coolers and food refrigerators. Since it inception in 2000, the SolarChill Project has developed, field tested and commercialized a breakthrough technology that stores the energy of the sun in ice instead of in led batteries. The first generation of SolarChill vaccine coolers are now on the market, and have received WHO Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) certification. The Project is currently proceeding to (a) develop the SolarChill food refrigerator prototypes, (b) to conduct large scale demonstration projects with the SolarChill vaccine coolers in Africa and Latin America, and (c) to facilitate the transfer of the SolarChill technology to local manufacturers in developing countries. The SolarChill Project Partners have no commercial interest in the Project. Their sole mandate is to develop this public domain technology, make it freely available to interested manufacturers worldwide, and promote its uptake internationally. The SolarChill Project bridges health, environment and development through an iconic and practical technology.

Category: Fire