Submitted by: KlimaHaus Agentur Agenzia CasaClima
Implemented country: Italy
Title: KlimaHaus CasaClima House Climate KlimaDom

Air house is energy-efficient construction with style and comfort. The certified building standards ensures low heating and cooling costs and climate change is more concrete, besides promoting the use of home air-renewable energy sources. The energy performance certificate information in an intelligible form of the energy performance of the building (gold = 1 liter house, A = 3 Liter House and B = 5 Liter House). The building standard, which is controlled by public certification authority has, in Italy as a catalyst to promote energy-efficient construction. Meanwhile, the first buildings were certified outside of Italy. So far, more than 2,300 buildings have been certified with a heating demand below 50 kWh / m² a house than air.

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