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National Energy Globe Award Austria (Water)
Regional Energy Globe Award Niederösterreich (Austria) (overall winner)

Submitted by:
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Gravitation water vortex power plant as a bioreactor

A gravitation water vortex power plant is a small hydroelectric power plant for a low drop height, which allows for continuity small organisms and fish. The latest innovation is a robust and effective turbine for the gravitation water vortex power plant - the so-called Zotlöterer turbine. Technically, the Zotlöterer turbine is a direct flow, which has no flow control system similar flow characteristics as a regulated turbine. The ecological continuity of the gravitational water vortex power plant will be achieved through promotion channels with very low flow velocity in the outer area of ​​the gravitational water vortex. On the inner walls of the pelvis rotation and in the promotion channels to settle numerous aquatic plants, which also ensure a smooth migration of microorganisms by the gravitational water vortex power plant. In Austria and Switzerland, there are over 200,000 sites for the gravitation water vortex power plant - small hydro power plants, which can be inconspicuously over many decades to produce green electricity. With our small wind turbines, we complement the range of small local power plants for electricity generation and open up new markets.

Category: Water