National Energy Globe Award Colombia (overall winner)

Submitted by: Fundacion En Torno
Implemented country: Colombia
Title: Sustainable development and climate change reduction through the promotion and implementation of bioenergy crops interspersed with agricultural crops, with the participation of rural communities in Colombia

Our Multipurpose Community Project is based on the reforestation using the Jatropha plant species, with broad participation of landowners and farmers facilitator’s soil properties in areas damaged by abuse and that his recovery is important because they form part of strategic watershed for rural water supply. Additionally, based on the production of biodiesel using Jatropha System implementation integrated agricultural development and other types of renewable energy, which involves the planting of Jatropha trees as living fences, and rows of enrichment and intercropping with agricultural crops, a process which will be extensively involved women farmers and unemployed youth. Biodiesel production will come from the seeds of trees of Jatropha plantations established that combined with agricultural crops, allow micro plant supply the oil extracting and producing organic fertilizers for farms involved and stay organized in a cooperative production vegetable oil. In this way the Jatropha System covers four (4) main aspects of sustainable rural development and environmental protection:
• Promotion of Women's Development (training in production of soap, organic fertilizers and natural products locally)
•Poverty reduction (licit crop protection and seed sales).
• Adaptation to climate change and erosion control (planting on degraded soils and poor);
• Elimination of dependence on fossil fuels by providing lighting and biodiesel bioenergy for stationary and vehicular engines in rural areas;
• Jatropha plantations could become an excellent means of reforestation; contribute to the conservation of soil, preventing erosion, becoming an alternative for marginal soils and areas at risk of desertification, fully compatible with sustainable agriculture.

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