Submitted by: WRP (Pty) Ltd Water Resource Planning and Conservation Specialists
Implemented country: South Africa
Title: Emfuleni Pressure Management Project

The project described in this submission is one of the largest Advanced Pressure Management projects in the world and cost approximately $1.5 million to construct and operate over the 5-year period ending in July 2010. The project involves reducing the water pressure into an area serving 500 000 residents during off-peak periods which in turn reduces existing leakage and the occurance of new burst pipes. The project achieved audited water savings of 50 million m3 and saved 70.000 tonnes of CO2 over the 5-year period through the reduced pumping energy requirements. Total savings of $20 million were achieved over 5 years and the project has demonstrated thet it is both technically innovative as well as sustainable.

Category: Water