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Submitted by: Energie Center Lipizzanerheimat GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Energy Center at School

Within the project "Energy Center at School" leads the Energy Center annually recurring with schools in the region, a project on energy and climate-related issues through. The students decide together with their teachers for a relevant topic that they work in project groups. The schools are supported by the organization and content of this energy center. The aim of the project is aware of the young people how to make their decisions and actions on the environment (in particular on climate change), and the life / quality of life of future generations to effect. You are encouraged to their lives and environment will be designed according to sustainable criteria. The project results of the 10 participating schools, with over 200 participating adolescents were, on 24 June presented to the general public. About 400 people, representatives from business, schools, politics and the press were able to enjoy your enthusiasm for the performances of the young.

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