Submitted by: Gemeinde Koppl
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Self-powered school Koppl - green energy producer and supplier of heat

From 2003 to 2009, the municipality Koppl worked on the implementation of a comprehensive energy plan for the elementary school Koppl and for the entire village. With the installation of a 255 square meter photovoltaic system, the elementary school in the electricity sector was energy self-sufficient. This was followed by the construction of a biomass-micro network, the central heating plant is located in the basement of the elementary school and provided a total of 6 buildings with environmentally friendly heat. As a final step, the elementary school was renovated thermal and fire protection, and barrier-free. The additional installation of a ventilation system ensures that teachers and students for greater well-being and greater ability to concentrate. The energy savings after the reorganization is calculated 42%.

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