Submitted by: TT-SIUS Systemintegrierter Umweltschutz
Implemented country: Germany
Title: K & P process for obtaining biomass fuels

Which is designed as a modular multilevel system K & P process is the production of fuels and fertilizers with the use of agro-and biogenic residues. Here, the system is characterized by high efficiency and economy compared to previously known methods. The procedure takes into account the full treatment of non-usable energy components into marketable recyclable materials such as fertilizers, and therefore the whole process works without any waste. Through the use of, by the new and innovative C & P process, to be recovered biological fuel (pellets or briquettes) in coal-fired power plants, is a significant CO2 reduction and added value achieved through the quota trading. The use of this fuel will not only save our natural / energy resources, special preserve our environment. This is achieved by reduction of soil pollution (eg reduction of liquid manure application) and the protection of groundwater.

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