Submitted by: Otto Graf GmbH Kunststofferzeugnisse
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Around sustainable use of rain water for everyone with the Carat underground tank

As a specialist for rainwater harvesting, the Otto Graf GmbH everything that is needed for efficient water conservation. COUNT customers save with these products every day more than 100 million liters of precious drinking water. In recent years the company has met the challenge and developed a series of tanks, which represents a quantum leap technology and logistics. The result of this development is the production of underground tanks Carat in injection compression molding process with a volume 2500-13000 liters. Typically is used for the manufacture of tanks in this size, the rotation method. The main advantages of the injection-compression molding process compared to the spin method are that the production of an underground tank in a substantially lower production cycle takes place. Thus today, up to 150 underground tanks on the day and made up to 30% energy compared to the precursor can be saved. Also required due to a thinner, but precisely determinable thickness 30-40% less plastic.

Category: Water