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Submitted by: Helvetas Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit Swiss Association for Interna
Implemented country: Nepal
Title: Water: Everyone Gets Their Fair Share

WARM (Water Resources Management) is a project organized by Helvetas that supports local authorities in Nepal in distributing water resources among the population in a socially fair-minded manner and also offers effective water management by putting water resources to their best possible use. To achieve this, master plans were established, small projects for water and settlement hygiene were supported, and the competencies of community authorities, service providers and other organizations were strengthened through education and training. At the heart of the project lies the sustainable use of water. Increasing the level of awareness helps improve general health conditions in the villages. Training small business owners in building latrines or wells has created jobs and income. In addition, the situation for women is getting better since they no longer have the hard task of hauling water from far away; besides, they as well as other marginalized segments of the population are now more actively integrated into the community.


 This project is part of the Nepalese government’s strategy of combatting poverty. The primary goal is to offer sustainable water supply and sanitary conditions especially for social fringe groups in disadvantaged regions. In 2010, this project helped more than 8,500 people gain access to drinking water and improved settlement hygiene. There were no major problems in implementation. Most activities were successful on an even larger scale than originally planned. The Department of Local Infrastructure and Agricultural Roads has shown interest in using the Helvetas water resource plans for all rural communities in Nepal.


 First repercussions of a change in climate are already visible in these project areas. This is why it will become increasingly more important to invest in spring protection areas. Approximately 30 specific drinking water and settlement hygiene projects per year are currently under planning with the goal of achieving 100 per cent coverage for all communities with drinking water access and latrines.

“Always be on the good side and contribute to make the world a better place.“

Anita Baumgartner

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