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Submitted by: Gemeinde Unterrabnitz-Schwendgraben
Implemented country: Austria
Title: E-mobility in the local government, e-station

The community-Unterrabnitz Schwend ditch promotes and initiates various types of electric vehicles. The children go to kindergarten in the electric bus, old people with restricted mobility for the disabled comfortably chauffeured vehicle with electric drive. Already more than 15 e-bikes are now underway in the community. When purchasing an e-bike you get 100, - of the community in grants. Similarly, a total of 12 disabled vehicles, each with 100 will be - encouraged. Until now, already have three e-scooters in use, one of which the church stands for local journeys. Refueling of all electric vehicles, the community has established an e-service station, where all single-track electric vehicles can be recharged for free.

Category: Fire