Regional Energy Globe Award Wien (Austria) (overall winner)
National Energy Globe Award Austria

Submitted by: ECOP Wärmepumpen OG
Implemented country: Austria
Title: ECOP Industrial

ECOP Industrial develops environmentally sustainable heating and cooling technologies. The innovative 100 kW heat pump is suitable particularly for industrial processes. The technology is able to heat above 150 ° C and cooling down to - 20 ° C to produce. This is not only a variety of industrial applications, but also the use of waste heat are reasonably possible.
The revolutionary concept is much more efficient than conventional ECOP Industrial Systems. This means less power consumption, lower operating costs and lower CO2 emissions. The coolant used is a special environmentally-friendly specialty gas (a mixture of inert gases) are used. Low cost, high efficiency make it the rapid amortization sure.

Category: Fire