Submitted by: Innovative Energie für Pullach (IEP) GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Deep geothermal heating mixer for Pullach

2005 opened with geothermal energy a renewable energy source una run successfully ever since. From a producing well is obtained from 3445 m depth 102 ° C hot water. Which is extracted from the heat and Thermaiwasser distributed over a Femwärmenetz the heat consumers. Already, all the municipal building and a quarter of all households with BND deep heat. Due to popular demand in 2011 was first geothermal plant in Germany expanded by a third hole. World's first while an existing reinjection well is converted into a Förderbohwng. With this addition, the hole can heat supply will be more than doubled. So far, emissions have been avoided by almost 40,000 tonnes of CO2.