Submitted by: GPG Gebäudetechnik GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: ECO MODUL 10.1

The ECO MODULE 10.1 is an invisible wall between built-up in a WARM WATER PIPE MEMORY for decentralized domestic hot water, with up to 40% of the total energy cost of a building can be saved. With the same daily output may be reduced by 30% in combination with solar collectors that. The ECO MODULE 10.1 is the first time to the maximum energy efficiency of a heating system to achieve, especially in combination with renewable energies. The water heating system optimized finds its use in both residential as well as hotel and hospital construction and can be combined with virtually any Wärmeerzeugunssystem. The module meets the highest standards of hygiene, legionella is free and meets the objective of the Kyoto Protocol.

Category: Fire