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National Energy Globe Award Russian Federation (overall winner)

Submitted by: Applied Technologies Company Ltd
Implemented country: Russian Federation
Title: Power System for Electricity and Hydrogen Production by Marine Resources Utilization

Alexander Temeev was on the look-out for the cheapest possible partner to help him with energy production when he finally found a seemingly unlikely one: The ocean. Seawater is the most comprehensive, cleanest, and cheapest raw material available for hydrogen and subsequent energy production. It is available in nearly unlimited quantities and can be fed back after use. In order to use waves for energy production, Temeev invented the Float Wave Electric Power Station (FWEPS), a highly efficient offshore plant that converts wave energy into electricity, which has many advantages because the resulting power production is environmentally-friendly, is as natural as possible, causes no exhaust fumes, pays off financially within a short period of time, and presents an ideal alternative energy source for many coastal regions.
Temeev‘s FWEPS adjusts to the strength of the waves, which makes energy production particularly effective. Because of corrosion protection the plant has a long lifecycle. Alexander Temeev has a son. He also enjoys scientific observation and so he adapted his FWEPS to the changing wave pattern and had it patented. Despite scarce financial resources he succeeded in building his plant. Still, Alexander is looking for financially strong partners who would invest in his environmentally-friendly plant so that it can be put to a commercial use.

“To work and create for the betterment of life; to bear my own cross and never give up."

Alexander Temeev

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