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Submitted by: HOBART GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: SENSOTRONIC - the purging of intelligence HOBART

The machine is thinking, saves the customer! SENSOTRONIC is the intelligent cleaning technology for the tape machine PREMAX FTP and the rack-type dishwasher PREMAX CP, which are mainly used in public catering. With SENSOTRONIC adjusts the flight-and rack-type dishwasher their consumption automatically to the machine capacity and the necessary minimum. The system automatically detects the quantity of the items, as well as empty machine sections. In systems with a band in front of the tray return conveyor dishwasher SENSOTRONIC regulates the transport speed of the machine, depending on the workload of the return band automatically. What is new since the end of 2010, that all relevant issues such as hygiene and wash-heating systems, pumps and wash arms at each refilling be independently verified. By SENSOTRONIC can be reduced by an average consumption by 10-20%, thus saving the user money.