Submitted by: Kläranlage Going
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Energy optimization in a municipal wastewater treatment plant

Under the motto "no life without water" has been improved in recent years at the WWTP Going / Tirol, the wastewater treatment plant further and modernized. Attention was paid specifically to sustainable use of resources and careful use of energy. Due to the measures presented below is already generating more energy than was consumed on the premises. First Installation of a micro gas turbine: Reduction of electricity procured from the RU by 80% and minimize emissions during the utilization of gas. Second Implementation of a sewage-cruise control: an intelligent control system programming, which accordingly produces the electricity demand of the sewage treatment plant from organic waste. Third Renovation of the ventilation system: By changing the geometry of the Belüfterplatten in the aeration tank, the energy consumption with increased oxygen supply is reduced by 45%.

Category: Water