Submitted by: Home of Solar Energy
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Home of Solar Energy - Spreding the word at the very Perfect Moment

Home of Solar Energy is built as a marketing platform to show people that change to sustainable ecology and economy is absolutely possible. The idea is to use the amazing power of Google to sow seeds in every community by attracting and answering Google (et al.) searchers. In marketing the best moment to change and influence a view is when people actively ask for information or help! Google delivers potential Renewable Energy “converts” in the absolute best openmind moment! Here Home of Solar Energy can show them that change is not just necessary, but also makes absolute economical sense. Home of Solar Energy is here to convince “average Joe and Jill” that “What Is In It For Me?” is absolutely worth investing the time and money. It is a marketing platform for Renewable Energies written by an economist. Employing a special technology by which the power of Google is used to change the world to sustainability - One by One.