National Energy Globe Award Egypt (overall winner)

Submitted by: Green Energy
Implemented country: Egypt
Title: Solar Multi-Functional Device Brings Quality of Life to Remotest Villages

Ahmed Megahed is a name that people will remember. He works for Green Energy and lives in 6th of October City, Egypt, with his wife and two children. An agricultural scientist, he used to be a logs inspector for several African countries. He saw how desperately poor people were, and as an enthusiastic inventor, he was always on the lookout for new solutions to help people and the environment. Now Ahmed invented something new: a solar-powered miracle machine for remote villages in developing countries. In one fell swoop Ahmed solved such common problems as water contamination, hunger, crop failure, and energy shortages – and he provides people with a new quality of life. Ahmed has received numerous awards for his invention, such as the UNDP Innovation Award.
Ahmed‘s system is truly unique. Solar energy is collected, concentrated and stored without any electrical or electronic components. The temperature is controlled manually and the heat can be used for a number of different applications. With 14 different attachments, Ahmed’s multifunctional machine can be used as a solar water heater, as a sterilizer, a distillatory, as a water purifier, for drying fruit and grains and to prevent mold-growth to increase crop yield; for drying firewood, for disinfecting grains (to prevent growth of fungi and insect manifestation); for cooling, for smoking meat and fish; and even for heating, for example, in cooler mountain regions. Ahmed also took into consideration that villagers will have a hard time changing old habits, so he designed the device in a way that it will also work in a traditional manner by using it with firewood. The device works in a similar fashion but by far more efficiently. Other advantages are easy maintenance, and simple and replaceable components. Local materials were used for manufacturing.
Ahmed’s invention is an eco-friendly, brilliant achievement. His multi-functional device costs 30 per cent less than systems with one single function. Ahmed’s system is clean, efficient, and simple. As a result, the local economy is boosted, new jobs are created, know-how is applied, deforestation is halted, sustainability becomes part of daily life, and traditions are passed on, which has greatly contributed to Ahmed’s machine: The biggest challenge for Ahmed was reconciling the conflict between traditional skills and technical knowledge. To date, Ahmed has designed and built 15 kinds of his 14-In-One system. It has been patented in Egypt. The prototype is ready; marketing has begun. 5,000 rural villages and 1.7 million people living in the desert are waiting for Ahmed’s miracle machine. Companies from the U.S.A., the U.K., Ghana, and Kenya have shown interest in the device. But this is no reason for Ahmed to begin dragging his feet, because his principle is striving for perfection through innovation.

"It's time for environment to break the silence and sound the alarm and it's time for the world to hear its outcry and safe the planet.”

Ahmed Megahed

Category: Fire