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National Energy Globe Award Sudan (overall winner)

Submitted by: Sanata Technologies Inc.
Implemented country: Sudan
Title: A Country Where Paper is Not Made but Only Recycled

Salah Awadel-Karim, his wife and three children live in Sudan. He enjoys reading and listening to music. Salah works in the paper industry. He holds a doctorate in chemical engineering with a specialty in cellulose processing and paper technology. In Sudan there are huge amounts of waste paper and cartons. At the same time, Sudan imports 100 per cent of its paper, meaning that no paper at all is manufactured in the country. Salah is worried about all this waste, the high rate of unemployment, the high cost of paper import and the related negative impact on the environment. All these problems have motivated him to start a paper recycling project, because the energy expenditure for manufacturing recycling paper is two-thirds less than that of manufacturing new paper.
The project was begun in a small factory with groundbreaking technology: Waste paper is used for carton production. In this factory, a new and environmentally-friendly technology is applied in reprocessing fiber. This technology is based on 1) rearranging hydrogen bonds, which helps improve reactivity and capacity, and 2) re-enforcing the recycling fibers in terms of quantity as well as quality: This new technology assures durability, at the same time protecting the environment. It also uses by far less water and energy and helps increase productivity. With the exception of paper tissues, this technology allows for interminably recycling any kind of paper.
Salah Awadel-Karim has every reason to be proud of his showcase project, which is an option particularly suitable for affordable waste paper recycling in developing countries. Salah‘s biggest challenge is acquiring the necessary materials, financing the project, choosing the right machinery, and the lack of qualified personnel in this sector. He is happy the way this project has developed, but he doesn’t view it as completed. He would also like to implement this successful idea in other countries because he is convinced that this is the most effective method of recycling waste paper.

"Effective and innovative technologies lead to a positively contribution of a balanced ecological system and safe environment worldwide.”

Salah Awadel-Karim

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