Submitted by: HS Pischelsdorf
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Particulate collection in Pischelsdorf

A project work of students of the elective subject "chemical-phys. Exercises" of the 4th Secondary school classes in cooperation with the Environmental Education Centre UBZ from Graz and the Institute for Applied Ecology and basic research from OIKOS Gleisdorf.

Air pollution survey in the market Pischelsdorf (because our market is in fine dust redevelopment area, which was established by the Province of Styria last fall, and where some controversial traffic measures are planned) project planning was as follows: implementation of long-term experiments with students of the 4th Class elective course in "chem. physics. exercises "
a) with aero terrestrial algae as bioindicators (lichens) with the assistance of an institute for applied ecology and basic research from OIKOS Gleisdorf.
b) with physics. and chemical methods for determining the amount of dust, species composition, etc.
c) traffic counts and mobility research with the assistance of the Environmental Education Center Graz (UBZ)
d) studies of the effects of road traffic and heating plant
e) creation of an "air quality map" for the city as a destination and as a basis for discussion in schools and communities for measures to improve air quality.

Category: Youth