Submitted by: Murauer Stadtwerke GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Energy vision Murau

Murau its neighboring communities with a total population of 3500 provides its own electricity and heat from small hydro and biomass wood chip - Hezkraftwerken. For 20 years, in Murau already working on the Energieautharkie and you stand close to the inserted target by 2015, the entire district Murau with its own electricity from small hydro power plants and photovoltaic plants, and supply the heating needs of the district biomass heating plants using wood chips. The city has been over 3 Murau small hydro power plants and is currently just a second Biomass - cogeneration plant including power extraction under construction, making the 400 meters to be supplied with process-heat-lying state hospital Murau Stolzalpe with heat and the brewery Murau. In order to be in the room Murau saved millions of heating oil and thousands of tons of CO2. These initiatives will be extended until the year 2015 the entire district Murau be made ​​and thus the entire district Murau enegieathark. Furthermore, the value remains in the region and regional economic cycles are reignited.

Category: Air