National Energy Globe Award Lebanon (overall winner)

Submitted by: Ecofuel Sarl
Implemented country: Lebanon
Title: Gasoline Emulsion: Less Impact on the Environment and Helps Save Money

Like all other citizens of Lebanon, Ali Fardos was confronted with the perpetual problem of constantly rising fuel prices. But as always, necessity again was the mother of invention. Fardos, a graduate of an aeronautics college in the United States, came up with the idea of mixing diesel with different amounts of water in a power generator. After two and a half years Ali had found the solution: A tenside that stabilizes the gasoline water mixture and makes it useable for commercially available vehicles. He tested the new mixture for six months on different cars and SUVs made by Mercedes, Mitsubishi, BMW, Toyota, etc., andit worked. The mixture is so stable that it can be stored for more than four months. But then Ali Fardos faced his next problem: Obtaining an official permit to sell his fuel in Lebanon. But the father of two got lucky. Not only was he able to patent his idea, he even got a sales permit.
Thus, a dream came true for Fardos. His invention solved several problems in one fell swoop:The diesel-water mixture can be sold on the market at a fairly good price; cars now produce less exhaust fumes, and more „green“ jobs were created.
How does this mixture work? A small quantity of water is added to the water and stabilized with tensides. The resultant milky mixture is filled into the gas tank of a car, where the water lowers the combustion temperature and the required octane level. This results in fewer exhaust emissions and a more efficient diesel combustion. Another advantage of the mixture that Fardos has been using for his SUV for two years already is the fact that storage is less dangerous than for usual fuels. Fardos sells his diesel mixture under the name of Ecofuel and would like to initiate a similar project in Mozambique, and after that in South Africa, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. He is especially proud of the fact that a Danish company agreed to become his licensee. Fardos’s biggest goal is to get nations to cooperate, bring peace and education to everyone, and to fight poverty. He’s already taken the first step.

"The major motto of my life is trying to always be a decent human being.”

Ali Fardos