Submitted by: Francisco Josephinum
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Planning, analysis, design and construction of a two-axis tracking photovoltaic system as a test facility for photovoltaic modules and solar roof replacement, including gas station

Photovoltaic roof replacement as a means that the roof of the future of electricity. Photovoltaic modules are used as design elements for appropriate architecture and more interesting, not only in housing but also in commerce and industry and agriculture, with its many non-residential sector. Four students of Francisco Josephinum in Wieselburg plan, design and build a tracking photovoltaic system, which includes the necessary rails with a roof mounted panels. Thus, any operating conditions of a solar roof will be tested. If the system does not just check it follows the calculated position of the sun of each calendar week. Of this 2.7 kWp large plant produced electricity to all students of the school is provided free on a publicly accessible solar charging station available to them to motivate people to switch to electric vehicles. The four students are supervised by three teachers in their project of Francisco Josephinum and supported by partners from the region. The overwhelming share of the work was by far, however, provided by young people themselves.

Category: Youth