Submitted by: Dr. Steinmair & Partner Beratende Ingenieure GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Power system for Machland

Machland is a traditional fruit and vegetable producers delicacy in Upper Austria. 17,000 tons of raw materials are processed each year for products in 20,000 glasses per hour and 120,000 bags per day. Mach country stands for quality and enjoyment. This requires a completely secure and efficient energy supply, which was redesigned in this form.
The steam boiler (6 tons / h) was exchanged. A combined heat, cooling and power (gas turbine) was established with the 35% of the total operational electricity needs. The heat produced is used in its entirety. Through a new process of the turbine exhaust gas mass flow is entirely used as combustion air for the Gaskesselfeuerung, so that the CO2 emission is avoided entirely from the turbine.
By using the high exhaust gas temperature of the gas turbine and the post-combustion of CO is achieved in the gas fire, the overall efficiency of almost 100%.
The recovered heat from production processes (pasteurization) and the waste heat from the compressed air is used for hot water on cold days for the warehouse and office heating and used by an absorption chiller for cooling on hot days.
An appropriate energy management system ensures the seamless implementation and measurement records for energy transparency.
The heat absorption and release, as well as mitigating and regulation of heat energy via a water-run buffer system.

Category: Fire