National Energy Globe Award Kazakhstan (overall winner)

Submitted by: Gymnazia #5
Implemented country: Kazakhstan
Title: Environmental Education by and through Math

What do school math and environmental education have in common? Nothing, up to now. However, high school student Nikolay Velichkin has given the question some thought and came up with a solution that combines both topics. He wrote a book that helps readers understand how you can calculate savings through environmentally-conscious behavior. With his book Nikolay is killing two birds with one stone. On the one hand he is helping people understand how to save energy and on the other hand he is teaching them how to calculate such savings. Nikolay is in 9th grade.
He would like people to learn how to save energy in daily life and to develop a feeling for how much these savings are worth, which will hopefully help people appreciate how nature and energy consumption relate to each other and how complex this interrelationship really is. Students will be able to see which measures are the most effective, how you can monitor your own behavior, and how to solve ecological problems.
Nikolay came up with his idea when he had to solve math problems related to using energy-saving lamps and by calculating heat loss in schools and homes. He is totally motivated to write more educational math books for other grades. The price per book is 10 dollars. Nikolay’s book will hopefully also help students find mathematics a bit more exciting.

“My motto is to help others, live in peace with each other, and take care of all that surrounds you”.

Nikolay Velichkin

Category: Earth