National Energy Globe Award Bosnia and Herzegovina (overall winner)

Submitted by: TURBINA IPD
Implemented country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Title: Mobile Phoning Future-style: Radio Signals from Sun and Wind

Miroslav Tešić from Bosnia- Herzegovina is an electrician with all his heart and soul. His goal is to provide his country with new technologies and highly qualified jobs, but he wants to support the environment as well. As Managing Director of Turbina IPD, he is working on clean and CO2-free drive systems for telecommunication applications. More precisely, Miroslav designs energy-autonomous mobile phone masts that use wind and solar power. His systems are designed especially for rural areas without electricity grids, where environmentally unfriendly diesel generators are in use. For over one year now, his prototype is providing cell phone users in Bosnia-Herzegovina with clean radio signals from on top of 1,850 meter high Mount Vlasic.

This energy-autonomous mobile phone mast gets its power from a solar panel and a wind turbine that are hooked up to a 48-volt direct current converter. This is how Turbina IPD, in cooperation with partner companies, created an environmentally green mobile  phone network – with many additional benefits such as: Quiet operation, independence from wind direction, high bandwidth as soon as the required wind strength of 2 meters per second is available; the mast also works under extreme weather conditions and can be used practically anywhere; it has a long service-life, it is simple and cost-effective in production, it is easy to move and assemble, requires very low maintenance, it offers remote-control monitoring and  presents no danger to birds. Return of Investment: approximately three years compared to diesel generators. The system helps save nearly 25 tons of CO2 per year and can also be used for other applications such as recharging batteries, water pumps, etc.

Turbina IPD is hoping to sell its zero-energy mobile phone masts to other telecom providers all over the world. And there is a huge potential out there. Worldwide there are approximately 400,000 transmitting stations run by diesel generators (150,000 of them in Africa alone). This figure will rise to 600,000 within the next five years. The number of grid-independent transmitting stations will be growing by about 30 per cent per year. Within the next five years there will be a demand for an additional 1.5 million additional stations in order to cover the needs of another 2 billion new cell phone users. Half of these transmitter stations will run independently of any power grid. By using “green” mobile phone masts, telecommunication companies could reduce diesel consumption by 600 million liters per month. [Source: ABI Research, Pike Research and In-Stat]. Miroslav Tešić has achieved his goal: His work mutually benefits people as well as the environment. He gets his inspiration from fitness training, hunting, and hiking. He also enjoys being socially involved in local clubs and associations.

“Saving energy and using more renewable energy is what we must do because we need this planet for future generations.”

Miroslav Tešić