National Energy Globe Award Czech Republic (overall winner)

Submitted by: Lukáš Čejna
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: A Straw House in Southern Bohemia

Lukáš Čejna, a native of Kruplová, learned the trade of carpentry in his home country and is now building his own Slaměnka – a straw house – in Southern Bohemia. The house has very low energy needs that can be met from entirely natural materials. This is not only a very environmentally-friendly project, but also one that creates living space in a natural and harmonious way for people as well as the environment. Lukáš is building his single-family home in a special way he learned from his Czech ancestors and is using exclusively locally available and natural materials: Wood, stone, straw, clay, and reed – a truly natural house that barely even uses up any energy.
The wooden scaffolding was assembled without one single nail and was filled with 50 cm sized bales of straw. Inside and out the house is plastered with loam. The roof consists of a 40 cm thick layer of straw and a clapboard truss. Lukáš also stuck to the traditional way of arranging rooms where the heat of the clay oven is used in a natural way, which helps save energy. The building is heated by an oven on the main floor that is also used for cooking. The oven reaches all the way into the second floor where it turns into a chimney and provides glowing warmth for up to 12 hours. The only electricity needed is for light, the washing machine, the fridge, and the water pump.
Building his own straw house cost Lukáš a little more than 100,000 euros, which is about as much as you would pay for a normal new home in the Czech Republic. However, with his special construction ideas, the materials he used and with his total philosophy of Natural Living, Lukáš Čejna‘s straw house presents an interesting alternative for all those who want to live in a considerate and thoughtful way regarding oneself and the environment.

„Do it yourself!“

Lukáš Čejna

Category: Handwerker